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Acoustic & Lighting System will be the leading distributor of audio visual, stage & effect lighting equipment in the region

The Company

A household brand name in the distribution of professional sound, lighting and accessories solutions, ACOUSTIC & LIGHTING SYSTEM (A&L) is an industry leader as well as a respected player in the fields. Boasting two-decade of experience, A&L has gained the reputation of being one of the most reliable distributors of today’s most sought-after brands for lighting and sound equipment.


With strong corporate direction and precise positioning in the market, the company continues to expand as the years go by. Now, it has more than 9 physical premises that cater to a diversified market that include Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

Today, its famous orange on white logo has been synonymous with the image of reliability and serves as a constant reminder of the company’s exceptional growth and progression throughout the years.

Service & Support

A&L believe that after-sales service is an important component to warrant long-lasting customer loyalty. That is why the Acoustic & Lighting Service was incepted in 1994. This dedicated service and maintenance division specializes in providing efficient services in monthly maintenance and installation of equipment, sales supports services, equipment testing and maintenance and of course, after-sales service. The division is supported by a small team of management, technical workers, administration staff and as well as repair and maintenance team to make certain a smooth and efficient operation is upheld within. Their service and expertise are approved and supported by the manufacturers and they constantly provide product training, and follow-up services to our clients in all regions.


In 2014, the A&L Service is further boosted by the establishment of the Project Defects, Audio, Lighting team - a smaller, more project-oriented division that corrects errors, checks defects and repairs equipment from the Project division of the company.


A&L’s Headquarter is located in Malaysia in the commercial district of Puchong, Selangor. It is made up of several blocks of buildings that consist of a well-rounded Service Center, a spacious Warehouse, four multi-functional Product Showrooms and a flexible workspace area for various dedicated divisions.


Located at a stone-throw away from the front door of the Headquarter is the Warehouse. Recently renovated, it now boasts a cleaner layout and a more secured and pleasant environment to give customers the best experience out of their inventory-related needs. With the latest in barcode tagging, CCTV surveillance system, RedPrairie Management System, the objective of providing a fast, reliable service is uphold and maintained throughout the years.

To provide a unique and memorable experience for the customers, the Showrooms are partitioned into several different smaller units, each catering to one professional product or brand. The Public Address Showroom presents all of the most trustworthy brands of low-voltage and conference equipment, giving customers more choices in making a better decision. The Sound Showroom and LED Showroom cater to audio and lighting products respectively. There is also the Sennheiser Showroom, a wide and multi-functional space dedicated to all-things related to the microphone giant from Germany. In 2014, the Sennheiser Showroom was scheduled to undergo a facelift soon, a makeover project that not only enhanced the aesthetic level of the space but also to provide a more comfortable viewing experience for our customers.

Assisted by our team of well-trained professionals in the lighting and sound fields, customers are ensured of a smooth, effective product selection. We are dedicated to our customers’ every need and believe that it is our personal goal to make the customers experience in our Showroom as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Products & Brands

Our range of products covers well-founded and world-renowned brands that cut through four main product categories that include Sound, Lighting , Video and Accessories. It is our utmost priority to provide customized solution to fulfill our every customer’s individual needs.


In year 2013, we have obtained the rights to supply a full range of Sennheiser microphone systems to several prominent Malaysian artists for their various performances and stage appearances. So far, Sennheiser microphones had shared the stage and helped boost the performances of Jaclyn Victor, Tomok, Black & RJ.

Overseas Divisions & Affiliates

Apart from successful local operation and having 5 highly committed branches in different states in Malaysia, A&L has expanded and established in other market in countries primary in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia, with An individual division within each country leads the respective operations. With strong foothold in these markets, A&L are a leading major force not only in its homegrown ground, but a formidable player in various parts of the region. As cultural diversification is always the key aspect in each of respective country, A&L had invested countless hours, plenty of human resources and efforts in understanding the unique traits that separates each country and this uniqueness is also what unites each and every one on them to a common goal.


A&L’s strategy proves to be successful as they are able to correctly position themselves in each specific market and provide the right solution that fits the requirement of the audio and lighting industry for different clients in different regions.

Another division comes in the form of an associate company - AFS Engineering (MALAYSIA) Sdn. Bhd – which plays a major role in supporting A&L’s operations – both local and overseas. With 30 years of experience in the field, AFS is an expert in providing services in system design and integration for Extra Low Voltage, Broadcasting, Audio Visual Information Technology, Lighting and Studio.

The company is notable for handling various landmark projects that include the installation and maintenance of equipment for premises such as Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad, Mid Valley Art Center and the Gardens Mall, Double Tree Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Legoland Malaysia in Johor, and for Radio Televisyen Malaysia in various states of the country. In 2012, Mass Rapid Transit Corp Sdn Bhd (MRT) awarded AFS with a contract to supply the SCADA facility - a system used to monitor and control industrial processes for the upcoming MRT extension projects in Selangor.


To support its rapid growth and expansion, A&L knows that it needs to be supported by a team of talented workforce. Boasting a lineup of more 200 dedicated staff in various regions, A&L consistently focus on providing various training programs, seminars and technical learning experience to help expand on the potential of their employees. Through training and development programs, A&L also hope to reinforce the notion of continuous improvement within the organization.


Because of the diverse job roles and market applications, A&L understand that wide range of training programs are the key to strengthening employees’ capabilities. That is why various training programs had been carried out to success. From coaching and mentoring classes, foreign language program, business writing workshop to customer service training and soft-skill program, the aim is to produce a well-rounded employee that will serve our customer and ensure they 100% satisfied and happy with our offerings. We often encourage our staff to attend trainings, seminars and product launchings in another countries to keep abreast of the latest changes in the industry.

Even though the employees are from different functional areas in different geographical location, they stand for one idea in mind: to provide wide range of value-added services to their customers. They believe that good customer service is the lifeblood of the organization.

In A&L, customers can expect quick and effective service, thanks to the friendly and customer-oriented sales team who is always ready to assist. This team of qualified professionals is always at their customer’s call to render prompt and efficient after-sales-service, if ever the need arise.

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